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VideoMAX Pro Package contains:
  *  VideoMAX Pro  LIVE Video Transmitter, and *  VideoMAX Compatible Hava Software Player,
  *  Video Tutor, Installations and Support, 
  *  Alpemix, Ammyy Admin, Online Support,
  *  NetworK Daignostics, Online Support Software, etc.

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Applications: Live Videos Broadcasting for Transmmiting/Streaming CableTV Channels,  News, Events, Surgeries, E-Education, Airports, Railways, Digital Signage, Race Cource, Video Conferencing, Presentations, etc.
* Broadcast  quality, Audio Video LIVE Transmitter,
* Unlimted Distances, works with Wired Internet and USB Dongles,
* Standalone, Does NOT require a PC,
* Inputs: Composite AV IN,  S-VHS, Component, and RF,
* Transmits LIVE Videos over LAN, WAN, 2G/3G and  Wireless AP,
* Carry it ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, Unlimited Distance,
* Transmit and Receive LIVE Video, Point to Point,
* Video Tutorials for easy Installation/Setup, etc.
* Support : WhatsApp and Online.
As the global leader in the streaming industry, Ashok Electronics continues to set the standard for innovative, reliable streaming media solutions that enable the capture, management and delivery of video to broadband and mobile networks.
Our customers include some of the world’s largest and most respected broadcasters, enterprises, educational institutions and government entities. And these organizations rely on our barnad VideoMAX solutions each day to deliver millions of high-quality video streams to viewers all around the world.
Our VideoMAX and SoftGen line of video capture cards/streamers, titlers are an industry standard, recognized globally for their exceptional image quality and robust reliability. Available in a variety of configurations – from single or multi-channel analog video, to digital HD/SDI cards.
When you are the leading global provider of video streaming hardware and software, you tend to affiliate yourself with other leading companies. Ashok Electronics is proud to engage with the following distinguished technology leaders to keep our products on the cutting edge.
Ashok Electronics  has dedicated and professional set of staff which develops and markets different products and software applications  such as Internet based home AV Streaming systems etc., which ensures that  productivity goals are met and needs of the respective customers are fulfilled. Our service is unmatched as (ota)over the air technology is used in all our products that saves time, energy and anxiety which the  customer faces when the service is down due to technical reason.
Product pictures/models are of respective companies and are for representation only, will change from time to time.
If any objection, please let us know, it will be removed.
Carry it Anywhere, Anytime !!
11, Tinwala building, Tribhuvan road, Mumbai 400004, India.
Tel: +91-22-23886287, Mob: +91-98200 40240
Email:  ashelec@gmail.com
Site: http://www.ashokelectronics.in/

Specifications, rates and models are subject to change without notice.
Please read the Terms and Conditions before placing orders.
Tips: Test your Internet Upload and download speeds at http://www.speedtest.net
Check the IP of you Internet Service Provider and also check for Open and Closed Ports at

Please Note:
We DONOT provide 3rd party Software's.
Though VideoMAX Series supports many third party software’s.,
You are welcome to try them. We provide training/support for these software’s at extra charge..
You can get more details and  informations about them from the respective companies.
On extra charges, we will provide Web Casting Streaming Software, with limited time license period(3 months). The client will have to renew the license if he requires, as well as get the web page/website designed by his web designers. We can also do it on behalf of the client, on extra charges.
More of our Valued Clients . . .
* Stream live Video/Audio directly to CDN Servers as well to your website LIVE,
* Supports Multiple Cameras with Mixer,     * Connects to Laptop/PC ,
* Supports Ustream Producer and Flash Media Encoder,
* Easily connects to AV Sources, CVBS and Component inputs for Broadcast quality.
Package contains:
* 1 X VideoMAX USB WebCaster Box,
*  USB Cable,  *  DVD with FMLE,
* Instructions and Video Tutor.
VideoMAX HDMI H.264 HD Encoder is our newest professional HD audio & video encoding device with powerful functionality.
It supports H.264 encoding,dual-Streaming data.It is equipped with 1 HDMI channels input supporting MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 High Profile code format & main Profile code format. Its high integration and cost-effective design make this device widely used in variety of digital distribution systems such as CATV digital head-end.
Optional CVBS Input, extra charges.
* Standalone rugged Appliance, for Live Streaming,
* Totally Solid state, no HDD or Fans, totally noiseless,
* Supports LIVE AV with Voice Over,  * Upto 5 Clients/Users,    
* Configurable: To Stream to either Clients/Users or CDN Servers,
* Supports streaming to 5 Users on Multiple Devices,
* Can be streamed to Unlimited Users through CDN servers,
* Each Client/User with Authentication/Password,
* Support Internet from your Mobile Phones,
* Supports 3G/4G/WLAN/WAN and LAN,
Portable Standalone VideoMAX Bandwith Bonder.
*  6 USB Ports, to connect 6 Wifi Adapters/3G Sim Card Routers/Mobiles,
* 1 WiFi Port, 1 VGA, 1 HDMI, 1 Ethernet Port, etc.
* Necessary Operating/Daignostics Hardware's and Software's.
* 1080P recording with one click, NO PC required.
* Easy to use, no any set-up,   * Portable design,
* You just click RECORD and it Starts Recording !.
* Inputs: HDMI, Component Video,Composite Video, with Stereo Audio,
* With 1080P HDMI Pass-through, you can view HD Video when you're recording it.
* Also MIC in, for Voice Over for incoming Video.
* With editing software, can do editing easily.
* Online Mixing of Live and Fullscreen Advertisement,
* Multiple Sources, Live and Offline Sources,,
* Online Mixing, No Rendering,
* Transition Effects while changing Sources,
* Titler, Scroller, Chroma Key, PIP, Color, etc.,
* Output to your Local Cable Network as well as LAN,
* Output to your special Clients around the World !,
* Streaming to CDN Servers, e.g., Ustream, Livestream, Youtube,etc,
* Stream to custom RTMP Servers,
* Unlimited Viewers Worldwide,
* Share steram on Social Media, e.g., Facbook, Twitter, etc.,
* Streams support PC and Android Boxes/Mobiles, etc
Transmit Live Video Events
* Transmit Live Video, CableTV Channels, Live Events, Anywhere, Anytime !!
* Anywhere, Anytime, Unlimited distances to around the world.
* No host PC required, simple, AV jacks compatible with standard video.
* Point to Point AV Streaming anywhere around the World !.
* Requires Port Forwarding : Port 5001
* Support : WhatsApp. No Online Support.
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