8 Channel Kit

AV Switcher

VideoMax Pro2 AV Switcher Router
AV Switcher Side
* AV Switcher Specifications:
   * Supreme 4/8-channel video switcher processor with advanced digital processing,
    * Real-time multi-channel screen display or live monitoring or video recording.
    * Ideal for security monitoring or video preview application where multiple images are needed.
    * Supports PIP screen positioning in different corner location of the screen.
    * Selectable 4/8-channel quad-screen, split-screen, PIP screen or full-screen
      single channel for applications requiring one screen display  
    * Showing various video feeds or recording all inputs into one channel.
    * Supports image freeze control, enabling video frames to be paused or captured for extended period of time.
    * Provides zoom function from quad to full screen picture.
    * Supports border line On/Off function for use in split screen modes.
    * Supports time/date stamp for display and video recording.
    * Supports auto sequential channel switching function with adjustable dwelling time of 1 to 99 seconds.
    * Supports programmable motion detection area and sensitivity levels for each camera/input.
    * Automatic video loss detection with alarm sound.
    * Built-in alarm buzzer can be manually enabled for motion detection and video signal loss.
    * Supports all NTSC and PAL video systems.
      (Specifications subject to change from time to time.)
Available in 4/8 input versions. Please confirm while placing orders.
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