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AV TOOLBOX CS-450 Eclipse provides the same high quality computer-to-video scan conversion as the CS-320, while adding a genlock and overlay feature. It converts computer graphics to standard NTSC or PAL video and its integral digital luminance keyer allows those graphics to be keyed over an external Composite or S-Video signal. All black areas of the image from the computer can be replaced with the external video. Choose between Hard (Solid) or Soft (Transparent) Keys with five levels of transparency. Also, the Mix Mode permits glitch-free dissolving between the computer image and external video. The dissolve rate is adjustable for both the Key and Mix Modes. Like all CORIO products, this CS-450 has our exclusive AutoSet feature, which takes the hassle out of making the computer's image fit onto the TV screen. Just push a single button and the computer's image is automatically sized and positioned to fit exactly onto the video screen. The CS-450 Eclipse has a non-volatile memory that retains the unit's settings, even when power to the unit is turned off. So, the next time you use it, no setup is required.

AV TOOLBOX CS-450 Eclipse handles both PC and Mac computers and can be controlled from the front panel, via an optional Infrared Remote Unit or by the RS-232 port. Its 2X Zoom feature allows you to enlarge a quarter of the computer screen to fill the entire video screen and the Pan feature allows you to move around to any area you choose. The advanced 4-Line Digital Flicker Elimination circuitry provides crisp, clear images up to 1024x768, without line dropping, at any vertical refresh rate. It is capable of handling even higher resolutions. Video outputs are switchable between NTSC and PAL and are simultaneously provided in Composite, S-Video and RGBS formats, as well as a computer monitor loop-thru. The OSD (On-Screen Display) provides ease of setup and status monitoring. The Subcarrier lock range of +/- 200Hz in NTSC (250Hz in PAL) and the Subcarrier phase adjustment +/- 12 degrees provides the flexibility needed to lock to incoming signals.

AV TOOLBOX CS-450 Features and Specs

    * Automatic incoming resolution detection
    * AutoSet™ - Automatic picture sizing
    * Automatic recognition of previously used PC types
    * Genlock and Overlay Feature
    * PC Graphics over External Video
    * User Definable Overscan/Underscan
    * NTSC or PAL video output standard.
    * Composite and S-Video Input/Output
    * RS-232 Interface and Windows Control Panel
    * IR Remote Control (Optional)
    * Image 2X Zoom and 100% Pan Coverage
    * Digital Flicker Reduction, etc.


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