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Transmit LIVE Video Events directly on your Web site and Multiple Users

Transmit LIVE Video from VideoMAX Net  directly on your website or to multiple Cable Operaters or Clients of  your choice.
LIVE Video is streamed LIVE from the Event Site to your website, also called Webcasting with VideoMAX Net, available in USB as well as PCI version so that it can be used with portable laptops or even desktops.
Broadcast quality is transmitted/streamed, with features like Overaly logo, banners, and other advertisement content. The receiving client can play this LIVE Video and can further transmit on Cable Networks or other types of distribution/presentation networks.

24 Hrs Online Channel
VideoMax Net
Wedding Ceremony
Sony TV
Dahi Handi
Event Live
Ash Elec
UCN Cable
You are watching VideoMAX Net, Live from Event Site. Most suitable for Weddings, Sports, Dandiya, Govinda, Dahi Handi, Ganesh Chaturthi, etc. Transmit LIVE Videos from Event Site to your Web Site directly ! Available in PCI internal Card and USB Versions.
LIVE Navratri
LIVE Wedding
TV Show Repeats
LIVE Dahi Handi
LIVE Stage Shows
Galli Cricket
Live Events
Galli Cricket
     Suitable for:

    * News  Local, regional, national and international news from citizens, universities, bureaus, governments…
    * Events Sports, concerts, politics, speeches, training, conferences, education…
    * Entertainment  Music, movies, shorts, series, comedy, fans, animation, games, gadgets…
    * Publishers  Newspapers, magazines, studios, bloggers, dailies, weeklies, monthlies, special interest…
    * Corporate  From local to multinational, marketing, training, corporate communications, press relations…
    * Organizations  National, regional and local government agencies, non-profits, special interest…

Transmit LIVE Video! Deliver content how, when, and where you want to !
* LIVE Cable Channels/Events on your website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of a year,
* LIVE Cable Channel can be on a website with your Domain Name,
* Can be viewed throughout the world, anyone who just opens the browser with you Domain Name/WebSite.

PCI Card
VideoMax Net
New SM
Live Event Entertainment

Live Streaming Encoder
* Encoders available in PCI version,
* Multiple Layers for switching between Live Video and Full screen advertisements,
* Supports Direct LIVE Streaming to Bambuser website without any software,
* Supports RTMP Streaming to Streaming servers, (CDN Servers),
* Supports Streaming to Virtual Driver so that can be used by third party applications,
* Supports multiple resolutions upto D1,
* Supports, Titling, PIP, Chroma, Banners, Logo's, Scrolling text and other effects,
* The encoders can be used for Live Streaming, Recording and Broadcasting,
* Broadcast/Stream/Live videos to Multiple clients,
* PCI encoders supports transmitting to 10 Users,
* Each Client can be given seperate user name and password,
* Each user can be enabled/disabled depending on the whether payment received or not,
* and many more features.
We can design Streaming Web Page for you, if you already have a website. You can just upload it to your website.  Rs.4,700/-
In case you do not have website, we can design complete website, including domain name, web space and designing of streaming web page . . .Rs.9,200/-
Streaming Video Provider
Justin TV
VideoMAX Hava Users: Purchase Hava 2 Capture for Streaming on their WebSite, for Rs.6,500/-
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