VideoMax Mix - Live Video Mixing Software
Welcome, video professionals of the TV., Cable, Broadcast  and Motion pictures !

We proudly present you our high quality 3D News Studio, eager to service all your broadcast supply needs, including  video effects production, relaying your own news channel, game shows,  by providing you a complete solution, hardware and software including, virtual news sets, high-definition resolution graphics, motion clips, digital backgrounds, ad footage, high definition animated film, animated characters and avatars, hdtv resolution clips and stock footage.

Now you do not have to spend thousands and lakhs of rupees on set creation, we provide you complete sets, called Virtual Sets, which suit you according to your relay. Just use the chroma-key function and “key” one of our  virtual sets with over 100 variations including blurs, crops, green screen monitor, etc. Ideal for news shows, t.v. shows, interviews, etc.

It just like you own unlimited access to a 4,000 sq. ft. studio with over many cameras, lightis and distinct areas offering you hundreds of professional shots. Now you can with the new "News channel solution with Virtual sets."

Use it for News, Sports, Weather, Technotainment, "Hollywood/Bollywood" Entertainment, Morning Breakfast shows, Interviews, Corporate, Game shows, Singing competetions, and many more which requiren LIVE or recorded video transmissions.

(Run your own News and Movie channel with this solution on your PC !)

VideoMax Mix: Live Video Mixing Software features

* Broadcast quality, with Analog and DV sources,
* Online video mixer with 2/4 inputs from LIVE sources, e.g., Camera’s., Tuner cards, USB Devices,
* Multilayer REALTIME Video mixing with 2D and 3D effects,
* Suitable for TV channels, Cable operators, Broadcasters, etc., for transmitting LIVE events,
* e.g., News Channels, Dandiya, Ganesh utsav, and any other  LIVE coverage events.
* Import MPG/AVI video files  and mix them with LIVE Sources, in REALTIME,
* Mix LIVE video, files from HDD., Titles, 3D effects in REALTIME,
* 3D transitions features smooth edges,
* Blur, Chroma, Luma,  PIP and Alpha keying,
* User friendly interface, can be operated by a novice,
* Cable Operators can also use it as a Movie Player,  run movies with titling, PIP, and other effects,     
* and  much  more. . . . . . . .

Download High Quality Demo Movie file for Offline Viewing.
Download Screen Shots for Offline Viewing.
Available hardware, at extra charges/Optional:

Video Input PCI Card
* 4 input Video PCI, for
Analogue/Composite Live Video Inputs,
LIVE Video Mixing Software
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