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Live Video Streaming Solutions by Ashok Electronics.
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Tips: Test your Internet Upload and download speeds at
Check the IP of you Internet Service Provider and also check for Open and Closed Ports at

You are watching Demo of Multi Users of VideoMAX Pro Transmmitter. It was Uploaded at Ustream Servers.. Most suitable for Weddings, Sports, Dandiya, Govinda, Dahi Handi, Ganesh Chaturthi, etc. Transmits LIVE Videos from Event Site to your Web Site directly !
Install XSplit in your PC to Transmit Live Video from VideoMAX Pro to Multi Clients, through CDN Servers.
FREE: Once you purchase VideoMAX Pro, A 3 months license will be provided of Xsplit,
You create your account on Ustream CDN Server, Free AC, or any other CDN Server Free or Paid AC.
          Lets say, you create the account with user name: rajeshcable.
          When you connect AV Source to VideoMAX Pro with specially developed Plugin in Xspit Streaming Software,
LIVE AV will go to:
You can give the above link to your Multiple Clients, to view your Live Channel !!
Thats all !.

* Supports WebCast Live Videos to CDN servers/Website, Ustream, Livestream, etc.,
* Supports Multiple Users, by Webcasting to CDN Servers, (e.g.
Please Note: Though VideoMAX USB WebCaster supports many third party software’s like Xsplit, etc., You are welcome to try them. We do not support/provide training for these software’s.
You can get more details and  in formations about them on or contact the respective companies.

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Demo of VideoMAX Pro Transmitter to Multi Clients.