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Live Event Webcasting / Streaming Examples :

Organizational / Entertainment
- Music Concerts
- Religious Pujas / Ceremonies
- Sporting Events
- Press Conferences
- Red Carpet Premieres
- TV/Radio Shows

Personal / Social Events
- Sermons and Oratory
- Weddings / Marriages (WEDcast)
- Birthday Parties
- Family Occasions
- Reunions

Education and Instruction
- Training and Coaching
- Online Instruction
- Web Based Distance Learning

Events Business and Industry
- Conferences
- Seminars
- Presentations
- Commercial Events

Corporate Live Webcast
- Investor Meets
- Product Launches
- Advertising
- Corporate Addresses
- Lectures
- Corporate Announcements
- Professional Development & Training Tutorials
- Other Corporate Live Events
Please Note:
We DONOT provide 3rd party Software's.
Though VideoMAX Transmmiters supports many third party software’s like Xsplit, etc.,
You are welcome to try them. We provide training/support for these software’s at extra charge..
You can get more details and  informations about them from the respective companies.
Add Multiple connections from 3G/4G, WiFi, WAN, LAN, DSL etc.
What is VideoMAX Bandwith Bonder?

VideoMAX Bandwith Bonder is a customised standalone hardware appliance with customised softwares, Speedify,  installed in this appliance,  to speed up your Internet connections.
Multiple Internet connections like Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G, and wired connections, can be connected to this appliance, by way of either USB Dongles, Wired and Wireless connections, which are added, by the combination of this appliance as well as the Cloud services of Speedify company Servers, which charge a nominal subscription charges monthly/yearly basis, depending on their usage.
       The approximate charges start from Rs.560/- pm., for 50GB usage to Rs.1100/- pm for unlimited usage. Visit Speedify for charges.

The main software which does this job, is Speedify, which has to be configured along with additoonal addon hardwares and softwares to get external encoders like VideoMAX Pro Streamers, work smoothly.

Connectify Speedify is a cloud service/software that lets you combine all of your Internet connections for maximum speed. By leveraging our Speed Servers in the cloud, Speedify’s channel bonding technology gives you faster and more reliable Internet. Speedify uses all available Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G, and wired connections to speed up HD video streaming, uploads, and everything else you do online.

What types of Internet connections can I use with Speedify?
Speedify can take advantage of almost any Internet connection that your computer is able to connect to, including DSL, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G devices, and tethered smartphones. As long as your computer can receive an IPv4 address, Speedify will use it. This includes dialer software for USB data cards as well as captive portals on WiFi and Ethernet networks, such as hotels and airports.

Speedify’s smart channel bonding technology can take into account the cost of each network connection. If you click on Settings, you can set the Priority of each adapter to let Speedify know how it should be used:
    Primary (default): Use this adapter all the time, when it’s connected
    Secondary: Used for adapters that are somewhat expensive, like many 3G/4G cards. Speedify tries to only use the card to give you a speed boost when you really need it. As your primary connections start getting filled up, it will turn on the secondary card to accelerate your uploads and downloads until things slow down a little.
    Backup: Usually used for more expensive network connections, Backup adapters are only used when the Primary and Secondary connections are not working at all. This way, Speedify can keep you online, jumping to your Backup connection, without using this adapter most of the time.
    Never: Tells Speedify to not use the adapter. This setting is used for a number of reasons. For example, you might know that a particular adapter isn’t actually an Internet connection, like most VMware or VirtualBox adapters that are just connected to a virtual machine, or another private LAN.

(We provide the hardware appliance with Speedify Software installed and configured to work perfectly, specially with our external VideoMAX Pro Encoders. However all the support services, of Speedify along with the Cloud Servers will be provided by Speedify.)
(All clients will be governed by the terms and conditions of connectify companies policies.)
Standalone Appliance
3G Bandwith Bonder.
Portable Standalone VideoMAX Bandwith Bonder.
*  6 USB Ports, to connect 6 Wifi Adapters/3G Sim Card Routers/Mobiles, *  1 WiFi Port, 1 VGA, 1 HDMI, 1 Ethernet Port, etc. with necessary Operating/Daignostics Hardware's and Software's.
Apart from VideoMAX Bandwith Bonder Appliance, you will have to pay Yearly charges of Speed Servers.
Without these subscriptions, Bonding feature will NOT work. For Yearly charges and plans, Click here.
Service, installations, and support will be provided by the developers of Speedify.
HDMI Encoder
USB Encoder
VideoMAX Pro
Broadcast Encoder
High Speed Uploads and Downloads.
Hardware Warranty 3 months
Without Subscription
We provide complete training to the operator, who will use this appliance.
Some basic knowledge of computers is required to understand the working of this type of systems.
We provide the Hardware for the Bonder along with extra Peripherial devices/WiFi Adapters, Dongles, do the Installation as well as provide Training.
However all technical support will be provided by Speedify.

1 Year Subscription
Package consists of :
* VideoMAX Bandwidth Bonder Unit,
* 3 Pcs WiFi Adapters, 
* 1 PC Sim WiFi Dongle.
* Accessorie, etc.