ViewX-HD Type: USB to HDMI adapter

View XHD
USB to HDMI 1080p adapter

ViewX-HD - USB to HDMI adapter allows you connect an extra HDTV/monitor to your desktop or notebook computer via USB port (include Video and Audio). Support max resolution up to1920x1080 regardless your computer display card resolution.
The connected TV/monitor can be configured to either primary screen, mirror or extend the Windows desktop which include the visibility of more applications at the same time. ViewX-HD is the best choice for your HD-display application.

Delivers smooth high-resolution video & audio up to 1920 x 1080
Both Audio and Video via USB
Small size enough
Easily connect additional HDMI TV/monitor via USB 2.0 port.
Compatible with all Notebook/Desktop computers.
Plug & Play; Easy installation and operation.
Mirror, Extend and Primary a computer display workspace.
Support rotation (Normal/Left/Right/Upside-Down) function control.
Supports left, right, up and down extend display.
No external power supply needed.
Works seamlessly with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems.
Support KVM switch and USB hub connection.

USB 2.0 specification compliant.
HDMI 1.2 compliant.
   - Video : Supports pixel rates up to 165MHz, resolution up to 1080p.
   - Audio : Supports 2 channels (Stereo) audio.
Dimension: 86.5 x 48 x 19 (mm) (without cable)
   - USB type A male (build in USB cable)
   - HDMI type A
Minimum System Requirements :

Minimum system requirements (for text work or play a lowest resolution video on a lowest resolution display panel)
    - Pentium 4 CPU at 1.8GHz or higher
    - 256MB system memory
Recommend system requirements (for play a 1080p video on a 1080p display panel)
    - Intel core 2 duo 2.0GHz or equivalent
    - 1GB system memory
Windows XP X86 / Windows Vista X86 & 64 / Win7 X86 & 64
HDMI cable
Equipped USB2.0 Notebook/Desktop computer
CD-ROM drive (For software installation)
Package Contents :

ViewX-HD device x 1
Driver / Manual CD x 1
Quick Installation Guide x
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