Ideal Solutions
    * Broadcasters
    * Enterprise
    * Government
    * Network service providers
    * Content delivery networks

    * Webcasting
    * Live streaming
    * Podcasting
    * Mobile TV
    * Video on Demand

* Standalone rugged Appliance, for Live Streaming,
* Totally Solid state, no HDD or Fans, totally noiseless,
* Supports LIVE AV with Voice Over* Upto 5 Clients/Users,    
* Configurable: To Stream to either Clients/Users or CDN Servers,
* Supports streaming to 5 Users on Multiple Devices,
* Can be streamed to Unlimited Users through CDN servers,
* Each Client/User with Authentication/Password,
* Support Internet from your Mobile Phones,
* Supports 3G/4G/WLAN/WAN and LAN,

* Supports Speedify Bandwith Bonder,
* Client can install Speedify Bandwith Bonder,
  (Download trial from Speedify Site), etc.

Extra Features on Upgrade/Request:
* Adjust Bandwith as required,  * Alias of the live broadcast,
* Supports WiFi Modem, DSL, Cable, LAN, WLAN, etc.,
* Limit total concurrent connections,
* Limit connections exceeding bandwiths, * Supports RTMP Protocol,
* Stream LIVE on your Websites/CDN Servers e.g., Ustream, Livestream,etc.,
* Supports DNS Service, No need to remember IP, Just connect by Name,,
* Many Multimedia files, playlists and live media streams are supported,
* Supports many Protocols and File formats,
* Streaming Media Player plays live and on-demand streams,
* Streaming Media Player doesn't let user to save media locally,
* Video compression: VC1(WMV9), H264, Microsoft MPEG-4 V2, etc.
Your Bridge to Internet Broadcasting Live Video Events and Video Files to PC, Android Settop and Mobile Phones.

VideoMAX Appliance with AV Streamer, streaming server, takes advantages of powerful streaming softwares like Umedia Server, XSplit, Broadcam etc., offering rich choice of live and on demand streaming functionality. It streams with variety of streaming protocols to deliver content to Flash Player, Silverlight, Windows Media Player, Unreal Media Player, to PC's, Mobile devices and Android Boxes.

VideoMAX Appliance with AV Server streams supports many multimedia file formats, unicasted in "on-demand" mode or multicasted in "live" mode.
We can design Streaming Web Page for you, if you already have a website. You can just upload it to your website.  Rs.4,700/-
In case you do not have website, we can design complete website, including domain name, web space and designing of streaming web page . . .Rs.9,200/-
*  LIVE Video and Audio Inputs,
* Stream to WebSite, CDN Servers or 5 Users,
*  User Name and Password for each User

Connecting Diagram
(Multiple users)
Transmit LIVE Video !!

* One location to 5 Clients,
Live Events
Product pictures/models are for representation only, Specs will change from time to time.
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Please read the Terms and Conditions before placing orders.
Tips: Test your Internet Upload and download speeds at
Check the IP of you Internet Service Provider and also check for Open and Closed Ports at

Total 5 Users
Add bandwiths from
Multiple 3G Dongles.
Optional (Extra Charges)
Add Multiple connections
from 3G/4G, WiFi, Wan, etc.
Model: AV
Android Settop Box
Product pictures/models are for representation only, Specs will change from time to time.
PC or Laptop
Connect 5 Direct Users
Connect Unlimited CDN Users
(Client has to Pay the monthly usage
of Bonding Charges to Speedify.)
(Client has to Pay the monthly usage
of Bonding Charges to Speedify.)
(Client has to Pay the monthly
usage of Bonding
Charges to Speedify.)

Incredible Compatibility
Compatible with various USB 3.0 chipsets (Intel, Renesas, ASMedia, Fresco Logic), compatible with expended USB 3.0 via PCIe Gen1.1 x1 Compatible with USB 2.0 Compatible operating systems: Windows (7, 8, 8.1), Linux (kernel version 2.6.38 and above), OS X (10.8 and above)
Support APIs, such as Windows: DirectShow, DirectSound, Linux: V4L2, ALSA, OS X: QuickTime Support software including Windows Media Encoder (Windows), Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (Windows, OS X), Real Producer Plus (Windows), VLC (Windows, OS X, Linux), QuickTime Broadcaster (OS X), QuickTime Player (OS X), Wirecast (Windows, OS X) and etc…
Excellent Video Processing
Support up to 1920x1200p60 (CVT-RB) Video Input Video output support up to 1920x1200p60 in YUY2 Video output support up to 1920x1200p60 in RGB24 The process of video and audio is done by the dongle and will not occupy CPU.

Flexible and Friendly Features
Connect multiple dongles to one machine Enable the up/down conversion of video resolution, frame rate and audio sampling rate Support brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and other screen adjustment functions
The HDMI video capture meets UVC standard, support YUV 4:2:2 (YUY2) or RGB 4:4:4 (RGB24) video output The HDMI video capture meets UAC standard and 48KHz PCM stereo audio output The video processing engine can be updated via firmware without changing the hardware. Automatically detect and de-interlace signals
Easy to Use
No need to install drivers in Windows, Linux, and OS X, real plug and play. Automatically determine the input video format and automatically convert it to the specified output size and frame rate? Automatically determine the input audio formats and automatically convert it to 48 KHz PCM stereo audio.
Reliable and Stable
64MB DDR2 Onboard memory, it can effectively conduct video frame buffer and USB transfer flow control to avoid interruption or error images when the USB transmission bandwidth is occupied. Pass through 7x24h continuous high load tests in high and low temperatures (0-50 degrees)
High Quality HDMI USB Encoder