The user can use it to do point-to-point wireless connection. They connect the mobile phones, tablets, note books with TV to achieve wireless transmission of voices and pictures, then transfer the entire contents of the screen displays onto TV screen, LCD Moniter and even on Projectors !!
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VideoMAX Screen Transmitter for PCs, Pads and Smart Phones.

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VideoMax Wi-Fi Screen Transmitter
TV, LCD, Projector, etc.
Connect the HDMI cable with a wirless signal"WIFI Displayer Receiver" around it. After you connect your mobile phone,tablet or note book with this WIFI signal, then you can make the pictues, music, videos and other wonderful content from your mobile phone, tablet or note book "project" onto the big TV screen through WIFI, and then you can enjoy HD larg-screen visual effects.

Screen Transmitter application of cell phones

When you filmed 1080p HD videos, you will feel not very well if you watch it on the small screen of the cell phone, let alone to share with the loved ones. Now if you use the Screen Transmitter technology of VideoMAX Screen Transmitter, everything will be much easier. What will display on your cell phones, then what will display on your TV screen. No matter pictures or videos, even the operating menu will also can display on the TV screen.

Screen Transmitter application of tablets
When you play games with tablets, often feel the screen is too small. Now you can project the gample pictures onto the big TV screens through the strong Screen Transmitter fuction of the VideoMAX Screen Transmitter. When you play 3D sensory game, you even use the tablet as a steering wheel, and then look at the big screen and play the games, very cool.

In a company environment, Screen Transmitter will be a great tool for you again
The wireless projector plays in the companies.
Connect the Screen Transmitter and the projector with HDMI cable or AV cable, then connect your computer with the Screen Transmitter through the SSID signal which released by the Screen Transmitter. Now you can transfer all contents displayed on the computer onto the TV screen. All the beautiful PPT, working reports or the wonderful videos of the company's activites can be pushed onto the big projector's screen by wireless.

Remote video conferencing for companies
The remote video conferencing equipment is very expensive, and the installation is also difficult. The Screen Transmitter ,which based on the Screen Transmitter wireless display technology, is wireless player. The user can use to "project" the phone voice and pictures onto the TV screen easily. You switch the different video object by manipulating, to achieve multi-party remote call.
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