SoftGen Pro 3:

With SoftGen Pro 3, you can:
· Play many types of movie files e.g., .swf, . mpeg1, .mpeg2, .dat, .vob, .avi, etc., and at any resolutions,
· Run advertisements, banners, logos, PIP, etc over these video files.
· The advertisements can be in formats like .swf, .mpg or .avi or even picture files,
· Overlay Unlimited Logos, Banners, and Scrollers anywhere over the movies, any place and any size,
· Create play lists of movies with advertisements/logo,
· Schedule these play lists to play on a preset time, day and date,
· Schedule play lists to “selectively” play on particulars days and NOT playing on other days.
· The output can be played out on the TV out of the Dual head card like that of NVIDIA card
. Computer is free, so that other applications can be run on the VGA monitor,
. Computer is not blocked/locked when the movie and advertisements are running,
· Unlimited Scrolling texts, Breaking News, Logos, Banners,
. many more features.

Most Suitable Digital Signage Player for Malls, Airports, Railways, Race Cources, Share Bazaar, etc.

New Features Added to SoftGen Pro 3:
(SoftGen Pro 3 has all the features of SoftGen Pro 2, (as mentioned above), plus the features)

* Manual Resume feature, to resume a movie from where it stopped, during power failure ,
* Transparent Logo's and Banners as seen on Satellite TV Channels, like ZEE TV, Star Plus, et.,
* No need of the cutting big video files for insertion of Full screen advertisements,
* Near immdiate switching of movies clips, with Transitions
* Many Transition Effects,
* Unlimited Breaking News with text scrolling and Logo,
* Auto start movies, as soon as power is restored after power failure,
* Run external programs like Notepad, calculator or any other programs,
* Table for information's and messages, for showing Cricket or other scores in Table form,
* Publish/Backup Play lists from the same system,
* Can add and delete users, thus avoid unauthorized use,
* Password protect users,
* Check IP of your systems,
* Database Connection, suitable for Airports, Railway stations, for time tables, hotels, Resorts, etc.,
* Auto show/hide logos Banners at preset time,
* Unlimited logos, Banners, anyplace and any size,
* and many features.

3D Broadcast Cable Player, Digital Signage Player, Playout Player.
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Broadcast 3D Cable Player - Titler
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Supports Windows XP Only. Now a Legacy product, No further Updates and Support.