Transmit Live Video Events
Anywhere, Anytime, Unlimited distances to any broadband-connected Mac, Windows PC, or Supported Mobile device in the world.
No host PC required, simple, straightforward setup; excellent, easy-to-use software; pass-through AV jacks compatible with standard video.
Point to Point AV Streaming anywhere around the World !.
Live Events
No PC Required
via Router
Live Video Streaming Solutions by Ashok Electronics.
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Specifications, rates and models are subject to change without notice. Product pictures/models are for representation only, will change from time to time.
Please read the Terms and Conditions before placing orders.
Tips: Test your Internet Upload and download speeds at
Check the IP of you Internet Service Provider and also check for Open and Closed Ports at

Ask for Special Offers/Discounts on more quantities !!
Discontinued, not manufactured anymore,
7 Days Testing Warranty.
No Online Support, Telephonic Support.
Port Forward Required
Most suitable for CableTV, Live Events Video Streaming, etc.
DVD/HQ Quality Video and Stereo Audio Streaming.
Also for: Live Videos Broadcasting for News, Events, Surgeries, E-Education, Airports, Railways, Digital Signage, Rece Cource, Video Conferencing, Presentations, etc
Durga Pooja
Durga Pooja
Dance and other Festivals
Dahi Handi - Govinda
Ganesh Chaturthi