* Introducing the VideoMAX LiveUSB WebCaster,
* Broadcast Video/Audio Live Online WebSite Video WebCaster, directly from Event Site,
* Can stream live Video/Audio directly to CDN Servers as well to your website LIVE,
* Installation is very simple, No external power is required,
* Supports Multiple Cameras with Mixer,     * Connects to Laptop/PC ,
* High-speed rendering and real-time performance,
* Supports Ustream Producer and Flash Media Encoder,
* Easily connects to AV Sources, CVBS and Component inputs for Broadcast quality,

We provide installation/support for only Adobe FMLE,
   (However training for other 3rd Party Software's, charges extra),
* Supports professional Video Streaming Software, XSplit(FE),**
* Extra Mic Input for Live Commentry.  Supports RTMP Protocol,
* XSplit, with Video Switcher to switch between Live and FullScreen Advts,
* Supports Titling, Banners, Logos, Scrollers,
* Features like Chroma Key, PIP and Transitions,
* * To use all the features of XSplit you have to purchase license from XSplit **
              VideoMax USB Webcaster Specifications:
* Complies With USB Specification Rev. 2.0
* Supports NTSC, PAL Video format
* Video Input: One RCA composite and Component (Pro),
* Video Output: One RCA composite and Component (Pro)
* Audio input : Stereo audio (RCA) and Mic Input,
* USB bus power.

Package contains:
* 1 X VideoMAX USB WebCaster,
*  USB Cable,
*  DVD with FMLE, instructions and Video Tutor.
System Requirements
Live Events
Live Video Streaming Solutions by Ashok Electronics.
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Specifications, rates and models are subject to change without notice.
Please read the Terms and Conditions before placing orders.
Tips: Test your Internet Upload and download speeds at http://www.speedtest.net
Check the IP of you Internet Service Provider and also check for Open and Closed Ports at

Free Version of Ustream/Livestream will have Watermark/Advertisements.
Incase you want to purchase, to remove the Watermark/Advertisements, you have to contact them directly.
We do not have connection/association with them.
Our hardware just converts the Video Signal, to packets for Internet Streaming which will be streamed by the Laptop/PC, by Internet.
You can use any CDN servers suitable to you, Free or Paid version.

Your Own WebSite
or CDN Servers.
PTZ Camera with
Wireless Remote Controller
Suitable for :
* Temples,  * Corporates,  * Big Companies,  * Hospitals and Clinics,  * Operations and Surgeries, *  Share Bazaar,  *  Cricket and other Sports,  *  News and Cable Channels,  *  Video Conferencing, and any other event which is to be covered LIVE !!

FREE: Once you purchase VideoMAX USB WebCaster,
if you wish, we can create your account on Ustream CDN Server, Free AC.
          Lets say, we create the account with user name: rajeshcable.
          When you connect AV Source to VideoMAX USB WebCaster,
LIVE AV will go to:
You can give the above link to your clients, to view your Live Channel !!
Thats all !.
Add bandwiths from
Multiple 3G Dongles.
Live Video/Audio Input
Multi Camera Setup with Wireless Remote Controller
Live Event Webcasting / Streaming Examples :

Organizational / Entertainment
- Music Concerts
- Religious Pujas / Ceremonies
- Sporting Events
- Press Conferences
- Red Carpet Premieres
- TV/Radio Shows

Personal / Social Events
- Sermons and Oratory
- Weddings / Marriages (WEDcast)
- Birthday Parties
- Family Occasions
- Reunions

Education and Instruction
- Training and Coaching
- Online Instruction
- Web Based Distance Learning

Events Business and Industry
- Conferences
- Seminars
- Presentations
- Commercial Events

Corporate Live Webcast
- Investor Meets
- Product Launches
- Advertising
- Corporate Addresses
- Lectures
- Corporate Announcements
- Professional Development & Training Tutorials
- Other Corporate Live Events
(Optional Rs.9,900/- extra)
(Optional Rs.3,300/-
to Rs.35,000/- extra)
Output to
Unlimited Users
Standalon Player,
No PC Required.
On Laptop
On Desktop PC
Watch LIVE Demo

Watch Demo of LIVE Video at Ustream

Watch Demo of LIVE Video at Livestream

Multi Input
Video IN
Please Note:
We DONOT provide 3rd party Software's.
Though VideoMAX USB WebCaster supports many third party software’s like Xsplit, etc.,
You are welcome to try them. We provide training/support for these software’s at extra charge..
You can get more details and  informations about them from the respective companies.
Customise Standalone Pages/Players can be developed with Passwords and Expiry dates.
Contact for details.
** We provide XSplit FE
(Free Version).
In case you want to use all the features of XSplit, you can purchase the license of your choice from XSplit.com.
Package contains:
* VideoMAX USB Webcaster Box,
* USB Cable and DVD with Adobe FMLE,
* Video Tutors and Instruction.
Some of our Clients:
Voice Over Commentary feature and  Titler, Logo and Scroller and WebCasting Softwares.
Free Version of Ustream/Livestream will have Watermark/Advertisements.
Incase you want to purchase you have to contact them directly.